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Today we know agriculture, horticulture realized the need of tomorrow and utilizes new techniques to get more yields, high quality agro products from our fields.


Mulch film has good tensile strength which decides its long term durability and its life. Here the good tensile strength is important parameter of mulching film.


As compared to synthetic polymer, natural polymers is degradable in nature get decompose within a week.


Our mulch film material is itself an abrasion resistant material. It resists the UV rays from direct sunlight.


Protection property is an important in Agra textile which protects the entire crop from wind, hail or heat of direct sunlight. Here the temperature inside the film is balanced.

Bio Mulch Film

Brainchamber Polysacks Pvt.Ltd is reliable manufacturer & exporters of Bio Mulch Film in India. We are 100% (EOU) Export oriented Unit who export mulch film globally. Our manufactured mulch film is biodegradable in nature which decompose easily.

Mulching paper is a technique, adding layers to the surface of the soil for the preservation of soil erosion and protect plants from heat. The film is around the plant who suppress weed growth, prevent water loss due to evaporation and maintain soil temperature. The bio mulch film is made of high strength LLDPE and LDPE material. It comes in different color and dimension or roll form as per client needs.

  • Preventing erosion of soil.
  • protecting direct sunlight, UV rays
  • Easily Install
  • Light weight in nature
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